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Ithaca Welcomes Refugees Volunteer Survey

We appreciate your time in completing this brief form, to help our Volunteer Coordination Team match your interests and availability to volunteer roles within Ithaca Welcomes Refugees!

About IWR

Ithaca Welcomes Refugees is a community initiative that fosters a welcoming and fair environment for refugees in our region. Our work includes resource gathering, fundraising, resettlement assistance, community support, and education and awareness efforts. Our aim is to provide help for all refugees, with priority given to those bearing the additional burden of hate and fear. Our hope is that these efforts will continue the development of Ithaca as a welcoming host community in times of great global need.

Join Us!

Ithaca always welcomes volunteers! IWR is a completely volunteer-run organization, and we need your help. From short term commitments (setting up an event, giving a new neighbor a ride, or helping prepare the welcome dinner families receive upon arrival) to ongoing tasks (joining a committee, leading trainings, or becoming a coordinator), we'd love to have you.

Please keep in mind that all IWR volunteers must acknowledge the confidentiality agreement, shared below, as part of IWR's commitment to respect the privacy of those we serve, volunteers, and donors. Any volunteers who will directly interact with refugees will also be asked to get a background check. We are so grateful to all our volunteers, and there are many roles for you to choose from in IWR. Although you may not have direct contact with a newly resettled refugee, the gift of your time and energy will have a direct impact.

Volunteer Options

Volunteers are invited to join one of five Core Teams or our Operations Team. Please think carefully about the role you'd like to take on:

  • Resettlement Support Team: Fulfill pre-arrival and immediate post arrival resettlement needs, such as collecting basic household goods, setting up apartments and cooking Welcome Dinners. [Some roles in this team require background checks]
  • Community Welcoming Team: Provide cultural and community orientation for refugees; further the welcoming community available to refugee families; give refugees the opportunity to choose the support they feel they need; promote independence; widen opportunities for friendship. [This team requires background checks]
  • Communications Team: Share information and updates on behalf of all IWR teams through website, social media, and newsletters; prepare and design materials for IWR’s public use.
  • Advocacy Team: Raise awareness on refugees and IWR through events, campaigns, and public speaking; build a wider welcoming community; inform the community of the need for local and national advocacy.
  • Events Team: Coordinate and lead planning for advocacy, fundraising, and community building events, bringing community members together for activities that celebrate diversity.
  • Operations Team: Strategic planning; volunteer coordination; organization-wide data management.
What IWR Team are you most interested in joining?
If you already have a committed role in IWR, what is your current role?
Which of the open role(s) are you interested in?

Current Need

When people are faced with impossible choices and forced to weigh the risks to their lives and the lives of their loved ones as they leave their homes to seek refuge, we are here to stand up and offer support and warm welcome into our community. We acknowledge the immense struggles they have encountered, and we also celebrate the immense strength and courage they continue to show. Join us in building a welcoming community for our newest members. We are welcoming of volunteers and refugees from all backgrounds, faiths, and political opinions.

Basic Information



What is your fluency level in English?
(Not required). If you are interested in working directly with IWR clients, and willing to share some information about what kinds of connections you have within the Ithaca community, please describe here. For example, if you have children, what age are they? What school do they attend? This can help us in the future to match you with an IWR family that has children of a similar age to socialize with, or to help the family navigate the school. Other examples: do you attend a specific church? Are you part of other volunteer or non-profit organizations?
Please list some of your recent professional or volunteering experience within the last five years.
Please list any cultures or countries that you have experience with that may be helpful in our work
Are you fluent in any other languages? If so, which languages? What is your fluency level?
Could you serve as a translator/interpreter?


When are you available to volunteer with IWR?
Is there anything you'd like to share with us about your availability?

Transport Details

NOTE: Only fill out this section if you selected "Community Welcoming Team" above
How many passengers can you transport?
Can you be available on short notice?
Can you be available for longer trips? (e.g. Syracuse)
Do you have any of the following types if child/infant car seats available?

IWR Confidentiality Agreement

Please read the following statement and acknowledge your agreement by signing it electronically. Thank you!

Confidentiality Agreement

Respecting the privacy of refugee individuals/families, donors, and other volunteers is a core value of Ithaca Welcomes Refugees (IWR). IWR’s reputation and ability to function depends upon the confidence and trust that the wider community, refugees, donors, and volunteers place in the organization. IWR is committed to protecting individual privacy, providing guidelines for confidentiality, and fostering a level of openness in our practices that ensures credibility in the community.

I understand that as an IWR volunteer, I may be exposed to private information about clients (refugee individuals/families), donors, or other volunteers, in addition to financial information concerning IWR. Private information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Identifying information about a client/donor/volunteer including name, address, or phone number; Information relating to a client’s family;
  • Information regarding a client’s immigration status;
  • Information on a client’s financial status;
  • Any other information that would identify a client or potentially place the client and/or family members at risk;
  • Information about a donor’s contributions or commitments.

Both private information and financial information that is not publicly available is confidential and should not be disclosed or discussed with anyone without permission or authorization. It is the policy of IWR that such information must be kept confidential both during and after volunteer service. This policy is not intended to prevent disclosure where disclosure is required by law. Where disclosure from a volunteer is requested as a legal mandate, the volunteer agrees to immediately notify the organization of the legal inquiry, in order for the organization to be afforded opportunity for response.

I understand that “confidential” means that I am free to talk about the organization, Ithaca Welcomes Refugees, my own activities, and my own position, but I am not permitted to disclose clients’ names or talk about them in ways that will make their identity known outside the organization. I understand that personal information about refugees/IWR volunteers should be discussed only on a need-to-know basis within the organization and only in locations where it may not be overheard by an unauthorized person. Should my duties involve the collection, handling, or dissemination of private information about refugee individuals/families, donors, or other IWR volunteers, I understand that I have an obligation to protect this data.

Violations of confidentiality include, but are not limited to - posting photos or personal information about refugee families on social media; discussing refugee/volunteer personal information in conversations/events outside of IWR; sharing personal financial information about refugee families; or sharing contact information for volunteers/donors without prior consent.

Upon separation from IWR, I agree to return all documents and other materials that may contain confidential information.

I understand that violation of this confidentiality agreement may be cause for dismissal from my IWR volunteer position. I understand that confidentiality is a critical component of IWR's commitment and care for vulnerable refugee individuals/families, IWR volunteers, and donors.

Please type your name below if you agree to these terms and conditions.